What he said after Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis

What he said after Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis

He prince william reappeared in public this Thursday in Londonon a visit to Surplus for Supper, a charity that redistributes surplus food in Surrey. This event It marked the first official departure of the heir to the British crown after his wife, the Princess Kate Middletonout diagnosed with cancer.

The meeting was shared through videos recorded by correspondents who follow the royals. For its part, Kate face a preventive chemotherapy treatment while he resumes his official duties from home.

The royal family seeks to return to normality

For some months now, the british crown faces complex times due to announcements regarding the health of its members. To the King Charles III cancer diagnosisknown in January of this year, was added to the confirmation that Kate, the Princess of Wales and wife of Prince Wiliam, also face the same disease.

Prince William kitchen.mp4

During the London morning, William carried out activities in the charity’s kitchen.

@indiamctaggart /X

In this context, the prince william made his first official public activity since the announcement of his wife’s condition. The event occurred in the county of Surreylocated west of London, where the heir to the crown visited the facilities of Surplus for Suppera food aid charity.

According to videos shared by correspondents who follow royalty, William participated in daily activities carried out by the charity. It is expected that after this visit, he will also head to a youth center that receives regular deliveries from the organization.

Although this is the prince’s first official task after his wife’s diagnosis, William had already been seen in public just a week ago. It was during the football match between Aston Villa and Lillewho faced each other in the city of Birmingham, for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Conference League.

On that occasion, the heir to the British crown was accompanied by his 10 year old son. During the match, the prince was caught on camera and showed himself relaxed and smiling.

Princess Kate’s health

On January 17, Kate Middletonthe Princess of Wales, was subjected to a “abdominal surgery” from which Neither she nor the royal environment gave more details. After more than two months of official silence and speculation by the press, the British crown made the news public: the princess was diagnosed with cancer.

It was she herself who reappeared in public, through a recorded videoto give first person explanations about the reason why she remains away from her public duties. In the message, Kate confirmed her illness and declared that they were “two incredibly hard months“, although he did not provide more details about the treatment or diagnosis.

Currently, William’s wife seems to be slowly returning to her work routine. Last April 13thKate used their social networks to dedicate a few words of condolence to the victims of the attack in Sydney: “We are saddened and shocked by today’s terrible events in Sydney. “We sympathize with all those affected, including the loved ones of the deceased and the heroic emergency services workers who risked their lives to save others.”

Kate instagram.jpg

The message that the royal couple shared through their Instagram account.

@princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Although it is known that the princess is receiving preventive chemotherapy treatment, the British crown maintains its secrecy when it comes to providing more details. about Kate’s health. Meanwhile, the Royal family also faces the consequences of cancer that currently affects King Carlos III.

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