They cannot against this data: Delgado defended the LUC

They cannot against this data: Delgado defended the LUC

The presidential candidate fired at all the political actors who were against the Urgent Consideration Law.

The presidential candidate for National Party, Alvaro Delgadodefended the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) at a campaign event, with the presentation of data that reaffirms, according to the politician, the good decision that was to promote the law.

During an event in the town of Soca, in Cannelloni, The candidate defended the results generated by the LUC. One of the topics that the politician touched on was adoption. “The government presented a bill that was the backbone of the legal framework to work. The other day was the National Adoption Day in Uruguay. Adoptions in Uruguay They had a long list of families they wanted to adopt and a number of gurises who were in the homes of the INAU waiting to be adopted. And the truth is that the process was very bureaucratic,” he said.

“The LUC What it generated is a much faster adoption mechanism, with a guarantee of justice always,” he noted. “In 2021 we had a record of 125 adoptions. In 2022 we had 153. In 2023 we had 165. Every extra child that was adopted, it was worth it to have fought for LUC… “Wow, it was worth it to have fought for the LUC!” he added.

Rental of homes without guarantees

Another of the topics that Delgado highlighted was the system of rental of housing without guarantees. “They told us everything, that there was going to be an express eviction and so much more. There was not one, there was not one. But it did generate many people who have no guarantees, many older people, many couples and many young people who go to study in Montevideo, the possibility of renting,” he noted.

“The other day a piece of information came out that shocked me. Among the actions that the government took for the construction of promoted housing, which were many and there was a record of construction, today there is a record of construction workers, plus the availability of the LUC to generate rents without guarantees, an additional regime to the one that is, alternative and optional, rents in our country dropped by 10%. That is good news for people, for people who want to rent,” added the politician.

Thin, determined

After presenting some of the achievements with the LUC, The candidate was harsh with the criticism received. “They can say what they want, they can have given a handle, that of the lying pastor, that of the apocalypse, that of the vaccine that did not arrive, that of the CTI that collapsed, the LUC that it was the universal catastrophe and that then we were left without water and all that. But against these data they cannot, “he said.

On the other hand, he recalled that on May 2 he will present his government plan. “These 500 technicians in 53 groups will be presenting a government program that is truly a luxury. It is a possible, executable government program that could be proposed because the basis is different and the follow-ups are firm,” he remarked.

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