Murder trial after fatal knife attack in Marchtrenk

Murder trial after fatal knife attack in Marchtrenk
The crime scene was on an access road to a storage area.

Five stabs in the stomach were fatal. Out of jealousy, a 40-year-old Montenegrin is said to have rammed the 20-centimeter-long blade of a kitchen knife into the stomach of a Bosnian man (40) in March 2023. The crime scene was a street leading to a company site in Marchtrenk. The defendant suspected that his estranged wife was having an affair with the victim, which turned out to be false.

On Wednesday, the accused must answer for murder before a jury in Wels. He has not yet made an official confession. He only told his wife on the phone immediately after the crime that he had stabbed her “lover”. “And you too when I get back from prison,” he is said to have announced. The public prosecutor’s office has therefore also charged him with dangerous threats.

Young driver coerced?

The 40-year-old also has to answer for serious coercion. Because immediately after the stabs, he got into a car with the bloody knife and is said to have forced the young man behind the wheel to flee the crime scene. The Serb was originally also being investigated. However, the proceedings have already been discontinued.
As reported, the two men drove to Traun, and the 40-year-old then continued his escape alone. He was eventually captured by the Cobra. The Montenegrin has a criminal record for continued violence against his wife.

If convicted, he could face 10 to 20 years or life in prison.

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