It’s a war scene

It’s a war scene

Since the flooded streets or from the air, images are devastating: houses whose roofs are barely visible, people who lost everythingand the center of modern Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sulcompletely flooded.

More than 3,000 people, including military, firefighters and brigade members, they work in the rescue of residents who were isolatedin many cases without basic supplies such as water either electric power. Also in the search for missing people, who now number 105, according to the Civil Defense.

Lula traveled to Porto Alegre and promised resources to confront the tragedy

“It is a war scenario and it will also have to have a post-war treatment”expressed the governor of the state, Eduardo Leite, together with the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The president traveled to the southern state on Sunday for the second time this week to coordinate actions to mitigate a tragedy that continues to grow. The federal government “will expedite the delivery of all necessary resources” for reconstruction, Lula promised, the day after Leite called for a “Marshall plan” for the state of 11 million inhabitants. Calls for donations in the 341 affected cities are multiplying, as are solidarity actions.

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The president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, traveled to Porto Alegre to coordinate actions to mitigate a tragedy.


Eduardo Bittencourt, a businessman 36 years old, explained in Porto Alegre how was organized with a group of volunteers to rescue to people trapped in their homes with pick-up type vehicles. “Things are very complicated, we are helping those who we can help, but it is the law of nature,” he told AFP.

Army personnel work to install field hospitals, because hundreds of patients they must have been evacuated of medical care centers. From schools to prisons, all types of infrastructure were affected.

He Water supply is interrupted in 70% of Porto Alegre -of almost 1.4 million inhabitants- and its metropolitan region, which has entire towns submerged, such as Canoas, Guaíba and Eldorado.

In the streets of Guaíba, today converted into rivers, hundreds of boats, inflatable boats and jet skis come and go without pause rescuing residents trapped, wet, without electricity. And the waters advance uncontrollably towards the metropolis. According to the mayor’s office, The level of the Guaíba River located in the city marked 5.30 meters, above the record of 4.76 meters recorded during historic floods in 1941.

Rosana Custodio, a 37-year-old nurse, managed to leave her home in Porto Alegre on Thursday and arrive with her family at her mother-in-law’s house. “My husband put my two little girls in a kayak and paddled with a tacuara (rod). “Me and my son swam to the end of the street and started walking in water up to our necks.”he told AFP in a WhatsApp message.

But on Friday history repeated itself. “We were rescued by a boat of friends”. Since then she has been with her family in a shelter. “We lost everything we had.”

Like her, more than 18,000 people were housed in shelters. The exceptional situation has Porto Alegre practically besieged. The Highway Police told AFP that access from the south is cut off about 15 km away, while access to the city is still possible from the north. The international airport of Porto Alegre, whose track is Underwater, It is closed indefinitely.

Porto Alegre, a city founded by Portuguese immigrants in 1772 and located in the middle of a huge watershed, It developed under the influence of its port, which was key to the growth of Brazil, review on your website Andean Development Corporation (CAF). Today that blessing turned into a misfortune.

The governorate of Rio Grande do Sul warned about the danger of more landslides or road collapses, which have already left countless routes cut throughout the state and also in the neighboring state. St. Catarina.

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