two old women with a hammer tried to break the box that protects the Magna Carta

two old women with a hammer tried to break the box that protects the Magna Carta

Just Stop Oil militants, in this case two women over eighty years old, caused an incident against a cultural asset to draw attention to the exploitation of oil and gas. It is the same group that has carried out most of the attacks on works of art in museums in recent years.

A new attack on a cultural asset took place this morning in London. Unlike the wave of vandalism by young climate activists that affected the main museums in Europe in recent years, the event was perpetrated by a couple of Elderly environmentalists at the British Library.

On its social networks, the institution confirmed that two people attacked the tempered glass display case containing the Magna Carta in the Treasure Gallery. He safety equipment of the place intervened to prevent damagewhich were minimal, with the blow of a hammer and chisel.

The women who tried to access the Magna Carta

The Just Stop Oil group claimed responsibility for the incident that occurred today around 10:40 a.m., and identified the women as the Reverend Sue Parfitt, 82, and Judy Bruce, an 85-year-old retired biology teacher. who – as can be seen in the video that records the event – demand an emergency plan to “stop new oil and gas licenses by 2030.”

Elderly Magna Carta

Two women over 80 years old broke the display case that protects the Magna Carta in the British Library

X Courtesy of @JustStop_Oil

By leading the protest, Parfitt stated: “The Magna Carta is rightly venerated, since it is of great importance to our history, our freedoms and our laws. But there will be no freedom, no legality, no rights if we allow climate collapse to happen.” After that, according to what was published by the newspaper The Independent, He added: “We must put things in proportion. “The abundance of life on Earth, the climatic stability that allows civilization to continue, are what must be revered and protected above all else, even above our most precious artifacts.”


“There will be no freedom, legality or rights if we allow climate collapse to happen,” said the women, holding a sign denouncing that “the government is violating the law.”

Video capture

The attacks on the British Library

The British Library notified the police about the incident and He assured through a statement that the historic Magna Carta remains intactwhile informing that the Treasure Gallery will remain temporarily closed until further notice.

Neighbor of the British Museum, the national library of the United Kingdom had begun to recover from a virtual attack that affected the collection of books most requested by researchers and scholars, and that paralyzed it for several months, causing million-dollar losses. Considered the most complete in the world, it has in its collection 170 million documents, the equivalent of 643 kilometers of bookshelves, from the Magna Carta to handwritten verses by the Beatles. The parchment sheet of the constitution is the most important of these assets, which, more than 800 years old, is credited with the creation of the concept of human rights.

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