Visiting the “Soko Linz” commissariat

Visiting the “Soko Linz” commissariat

You can spend a day in the tobacco factory on May 24th.

Before filming for the fourth season of the TV series “Soko Linz” begins on June 6th, those interested have the unique chance to inspect the location where the film takes place. The production manager of the ORF series will tour the police station in the Linz tobacco factory twice. In the TV studio, which is otherwise closed to visitors, fans of the series can also purchase costumes of the main actors from the first two seasons.

This is one of many special features that will be offered at the “Open Tabakfabrik Day” on May 24th from 10 a.m. More than 60 companies and organizations on the site are opening their doors. Admission is free and the program is rich and colorful.

“To make visible”

The idea behind it is simple. “We want to make the collaborative place that the Tabakfabrik is known around the world visible,” says managing director Denise Halak. She will guide you through the area herself. In principle, the tobacco factory is open, but the doors to the tenants are normally closed. This means that their services and offers remain hidden from the general public. That should change.

The organizational team around Kathrin Obernhumer and Chris Sennlaub has therefore focused on the tenants, who form a “living ecosystem” that was developed and shaped by founding director Chris Müller. The day of action on Friday will provide answers to what is behind it and what is happening here.

Just to get to know each other

Guided tours, workshops, talks, exhibitions, innovations, culinary delights – a lot of programs have been developed that are intended to provide a famous look behind the scenes, but at the same time also serve to get to know each other. The “Body Worlds” exhibition, which is about to end, will be open until 8 p.m. on May 24th, and the “Long Night of Research” in the Grand Garage will follow the day of action until 11 p.m., which will particularly make the “Falk” house famous want to give. There is a lot to discover in the studios. Guitar maker Florian Josef Graf is also at home there with his “Lutherie Florian Josef”. One of his primetime concerts will also be on “Open Tabakfabrik Day”. The “Trio Fedecko” will play in the club canteen next to the Lösehalle from 4 p.m.

All details about the program on May 24th at tabakfabrik-linz.at

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