Weather remains unstable: fog, sun, rain – and isolated thunderstorms

Weather remains unstable: fog, sun, rain – and isolated thunderstorms
The probability of rain increases on Friday

At the Friday At the beginning there are some remaining clouds and locally there are also patches of fog. These loosen up in the morning and the sun appears. As a result, cumulus clouds quickly form and the first rain showers appear in the east in the morning. From midday onwards, the probability of rain showers and thunderstorms generally increases, Geosphere Austria predicted on Thursday.

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The cells are moving slowly in some places, so there could be large amounts of rain locally, especially in the east. The southeast is most likely to remain dry. The wind is light to moderate from the southeast to the west. Temperatures will range from six to 15 degrees in the morning, and 17 to 24 degrees in the afternoon.

Particularly in the west and northwest, the Saturday A few rain showers early in the morning and in the morning. Otherwise, after some heavy remaining clouds have cleared up, the sun will shine intermittently until midday. Afterwards, cluster clouds will form, followed by some rain showers and thunderstorms in the eastern half. The fewest showers and thunderstorms occur in the southeast. The wind blows weak to moderate, briefly brisk to strong in thunderstorms, from southeast to west. The early temperatures are between four and 13 degrees, the afternoon temperatures between 16 and 24 degrees.

It is especially so in the eastern half Sunday morning and afternoon Partly cloudy, with a few showers possible. Otherwise, the weather will continue to be changeable with sunshine and patches of cloud. The central mountainous region and the south are particularly susceptible to stronger cumulus cloud development and a few showers and thunderstorms. The wind near the ground will be rather light, with early temperatures of seven to 15 degrees and maximum temperatures during the day of 20 to 26 degrees.

Sunny start to the week?

As of the beginning of the week, the forecast is still very uncertain. From today’s perspective, Geosphere predicts Monday After any remaining clouds have cleared, many regions will see sunshine at times, before the clouds increase from the west and cumulus clouds develop quite widely during the day. Then, in the afternoon and evening, a few showers and thunderstorms will form again. In the eastern region, moderate southeasterly winds will be noticeable, otherwise it will often remain only slightly windy away from the shower zones. The early temperatures will be eight to 16 degrees, and the daytime maximum temperatures will usually be 22 to 27 degrees.

At the Tuesday a disturbance zone crosses the country from west to east. A compact cloud cover hangs over the western half from early in the morning, with frequent rain showers and embedded thunderstorm cells, which can be locally strong. To the east it is sunny and dry for a longer period, but here too the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms increases significantly in the afternoon and evening. The wind is moderate, sometimes brisk, mostly from the west. In the east there is still a moderate southeasterly wind during the day. The early temperatures are between ten and 16 degrees, the daytime maximum temperatures are between 16 and 27 degrees, from west to east.

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