Mujica urged the military to inform where those who disappeared during the dictatorship are

Mujica urged the military to inform where those who disappeared during the dictatorship are

The ex-president Jose Mujica urged the military who participated in the last dictatorship in Uruguay to inform where the remains of the missingat a time when this debate returned to the political arena thanks to the identification of Amelia Sanjurjo.

“Let those who remain say something or even send the information under the door, the least that can be asked of them,” said the leader of the MPPwho is undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer.

“Those who know are leaving,” he warned. Mujica in reference to the advanced age of the military leaders at the time of the civil-military dictatorship.

The former president and former guerrilla also recalled that many of the missing Uruguayans would be in Argentina. “There is a lot of pain, and there is one thing that we forget, more than half of those who have been lost were not lost here, they are missing in the Argentina“This is a long one, it is a big debt,” he said.

The need to accelerate the search for the missing returned to the political debate thanks to the identification of the skeletal remains found last year in the battalion 14 of Toledowhich corresponded to the communist militant Amelia Sanjurjo, kidnapped while pregnant.

On Wednesday, the team of forensic anthropologists who carried out the investigation confirmed that they will continue excavating in that battalion and that they will extend their tasks to neighboring private properties.

The mayor on leave and presidential candidate of the Broad Front (FA), Carolina CosseYesterday, meanwhile, she asked the government to “put more intensity” in the search for missing people and promised a larger budget for that task if elected.

Source: Ambito

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