Yamandú Orsi called on voters to increase their participation in the internal elections

Yamandú Orsi called on voters to increase their participation in the internal elections

The candidate for Broad Front, Yamandú Orsiassured that the party’s objective during the internal elections on the 30th of this month is to obtain 140,000 more votes than in 2019.

The former mayor of cannelloni called on opposition voters to increase their participation in this month’s internal elections. “Other parties knew how to generate a busy and choppy internal election to generate attraction. In this one we have a very close, very choppy internal election, which is good because it moves and tractions us,” said the pre-candidate.

Since 2009, the Broad Front coalition has been losing participation in the internal elections and that is why they set out to obtain 140,000 more votes during this month’s elections and reach a total of 400,000 votes to improve the momentum towards the October elections.

“It is a sign of energy, mobilization and commitment that is very necessary for October. If we were able to vote at 400 thousand in the first internal elections, it cannot happen to us that we drop as much as the last elections,” he remarked.

Orsi, the inmates’ favorite

According to a survey published by Cifra last month, the former mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandú Orsi, was positioned as the favorite within the Wide Front with 52% of the internal votes. While, Carolina Cosse follows behind with 39% and Andres Lima came in third place with 4%.

According to the director of Cifra, the race is not closed between the two pre-candidates because Cosse’s public is the “most militant”, so a low attendance at the internal elections by Orsi’s followers could harm him.

Meanwhile, regarding the increase in support for Orsi within the party, Pomies indicated that it is due to two reasons, one of them is the loss of the candidacy of Mario Bergara and support for former mayor of Canelones and the other is the verification that the complaint of sexual abuse against him was false.

Regarding general elections, The pollster shows that the Wide Front leads with 47% of voting intentions if the elections were held today.

For his part, the National Party has 32% of voting intentions, while the Colorado Party with 7%. Town meeting came in fourth place with 3% and Independent Party in the fifth with 1%. While another 10% said they were undecided.

Source: Ambito

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