The Broad Front did not resolve concrete measures due to the chats about espionage against Abdala

The Broad Front did not resolve concrete measures due to the chats about espionage against Abdala

He Executive Secretariat of the Broad Front (FA) met this Monday without resolving any specific measure to take after the chats emerged in which it was announced that the president Luis Lacalle Pou was aware of his former custodian’s espionage on the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala.

Last week a new scandal came to light following the publication of the book “He Astesian case. A plot of espionage and corruption in the Executive Tower”, of the journalist Lucas Silva. There, the investigation focuses on the espionage of the former head of presidential security on Abdala, after he crashed his car in 2022.

According to the chats exposed by Silva and detailed by the weekly Busqueda, the former custodian asked the General Directorate of Repression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (Dgtrid) to investigate whether the president of the PIT-CNT had gone to a drug-selling “deal” before having the traffic accident in question.

With this, and based on the repercussions that the scandal generated in the political sphere, from the FA They met this Monday at noon to determine the steps to follow in this regard. However, Fernando Pereirapresident of the political force, announced at a press conference that no specific measure was resolved.

Despite expressing his “enormous concern” about the situation, Pereira said: “We are not going to be able to get there alone, which is why we are very confident that the Prosecutor’s Office “Do your job and get to the bottom of the investigation.” “The Prosecutor’s Office must be allowed to work in peace, something that until now the government has not done,” he continued.

About a possible summons to the Parliament of the interior minister, Nicolas MartinelliPereira said: “We want to continue analyzing it calmly, taking enough time, because we are also taking care of a way of living together.”

“We are not going to keep silent about any of these things, but at the same time we are going to act with republican caution, building democratic guarantees so that the country can continue functioning in peace,” said Pereira, who understands that “the best way to change this state situation is to change the government.

The reaction of the Broad Front

They barely met in the news in the Astesian case and the role of the president, leaders of the Frente Amplio came out to strongly question the news. The first of them was the presidential candidate Yamandu Orsi: “What is published in two media outlets today shows that, in addition to spying on opposition senators, they wanted to invent a case against the president of the PIT-CNT. It was Astesiano, from the Suarez residence and the president of the Republic was aware. “Will there be limits?” He posted on his social networks.

In the afternoon, the president of the left coalition, Fernando Pereira, rebuked Lacalle Pou for keeping quiet information that is in their possession. “The president cannot say that he did not know. The president knew that they were going to go to that pantry because they thought it was a mouth. This chat hurts politics, the President of the Republic,” he questioned.

For Pereira, “it is evident that the president knew more than he said about this issue,” and that the scandal “can only be resolved in one way: by saying everything he knows.”

For his part, the senator Mario Bergara He announced in an interview with Subrayado that possible parliamentary actions are being discussed. “We are talking at the level of the FA bench to see if we carry out parliamentary action that at least involves discussing the issue and calling for responsibility. Let’s see the format,” he explained.

However, he recalled that the President of the Republic cannot be questioned, so another possible solution would be to make “a call to a minister associated with the issue to a commission or General Commission or, eventually, an interpellation.”

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