A fire forced the evacuation of the Palace of Versailles in France

A fire forced the evacuation of the Palace of Versailles in France

The fire started in an area of ​​the roof where renovation work was being carried out. As a security measure, they evacuated the place full of tourists.

A fire in it Palace of Versailles forced visitors to evacuate before the episode was controlled. It is one of the busiest tourist places in France.

The Palace, built in the 17th century for King Louis XIV, receives more than seven million people a year. For this reason, at the time when the firethey had to evacuate hundreds of tourists.

Fire at the Palace of Versailles: the video

The images of the moment went viral on social networks. In them it is observed the smoke coming out of the castle and to the tourists evacuated in front of the doors of the Palace.

Immediately, the Yvelines fire service began an extinguishing operation.large-scale” with which they managed to stop the focus. For this, all firefighters in the Versailles area were summonedwho carried out checks to ensure that the fire spread and to minimize damage.

fire palace of versailles.mp4

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Where the fire originated

After the episode, a spokesperson stated that there was no smoke or flames and that “no damage to the collection” had been evident. Furthermore, he highlighted that the fire broke out in a roof area where renovation work was being carried out.

Precisely, the fire started above the marble patio, in the royal residenceaccording to the Palace Communication Department.

In 2019 a similar event occurred on the roof of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, where a fire consumed the roof. The fire engulfed the spire and nearly toppled the main steeples. Currently, there has already been a 90% of its restoration.

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