They decree a registration area in the center of the country

They decree a registration area in the center of the country
They decree a registration area in the center of the country

A strong rain and wind storm hit the center and south of Chili and left a person deceased and thousands of homes with various damages. For this reason, the government expanded the disaster zone decree to the center of the country.

The victim was a farm worker who died crushed by a public lighting pole in the Maule regionneighbor to those of Nuble, Biobío and La Araucanía, which are one of the most affected areas with flooded towns, overflowing rivers and blocked roads.

Catastrophe zone declared after strong storm in Chile

He National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (SENAPRED)reported in one of the most recent reports that More than a hundred people were evacuated of three buildings in the city of Viña del Marwhere the rain caused sinkholes in the ground due to the collapse of rainwater collectors.

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The regions of Maule, Nuble, Biobío and La Araucanía are the most affected.

The government had already declared a disaster zone in the region of Biobio and then announced the suspension of classes for two days in several regions of Chili as the storm reached the central area.

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohásaid that the disaster zone expanded to about 800 kilometers between the regions of Coquimboin the north center of the country, until Ñuble.

The measure “will allow us to further facilitate all administrative processes.” to make purchases, contracts, to have certain types of instructions and be able to face what awaits us during the day,” he said.

Storm in Chile: copper mines worry

In the capital Santiagowhere some six million inhabitants live, there were more than 24,000 customers without electricity and several sectors of the city were flooded.

Chile is the largest global producer of copper and, although it concentrates its copper activity in the extreme north of the country, it has some mines in the central area, where authorities have also warned about the high possibility of landslides.

Codelcothe world’s largest producer of the metal with the Andina and Teniente mines in the central and mountain areas, said that “For now, operations remain normal, and a Contingency Plan is being developed due to the forecast of rain.“.

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