Man attacked guests at private European Championship party in Saxony-Anhalt

Man attacked guests at private European Championship party in Saxony-Anhalt
Man attacked guests at private European Championship party in Saxony-Anhalt

On Friday evening, a 27-year-old man entered private property in a residential area and attacked several people at a small garden party – according to the police with a “knife-like object”. They had met in the courtyard to watch the Germany vs. Scotland match, among other things.

A 50-year-old and a 75-year-old were seriously injured, a 56-year-old man slightly injured. According to the police, the attack took place shortly after kick-off. A short time later, the man was shot by alerted officers when he attacked them too. According to police, the man, who comes from Afghanistan, had previously attacked and injured a 23-year-old in an apartment building not far away in a prefabricated housing estate. According to police, the man, also an Afghan national, died of his injuries that evening.

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The murder weapon is said to be a knife

According to media reports, the murder weapon was a knife. According to “Bild,” the two men had gotten into an argument. The background to the crime and the motive were not initially known on Saturday, and according to the police, there were initially no indications that the crime was religiously motivated. More details about the case are to be announced at a press conference planned for Sunday afternoon in Magdeburg.

After the fatal attack on the 23-year-old, the 27-year-old is said to have moved “aimlessly” through Wolmirstedt, according to the police. As the “Magdeburger Volksstimme” reports, the attacker also threatened people with a knife in an allotment garden. Eyewitnesses informed the police. At around 9 p.m., according to the police, the man entered the private property of a single-family home and attacked several party guests. It was initially unclear how many guests were at the party.

Man died in hospital

When the alerted officers arrived shortly afterwards, the 27-year-old attacked them with the knife-like object and two police officers used the firearm. The man died a short time later in hospital. As is usual in cases of police use of firearms, an investigation has been launched against the police officers who shot the attacker.

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