From what time do you stop selling alcohol?

From what time do you stop selling alcohol?
From what time do you stop selling alcohol?

The Electoral Court issued a statement on the details of the electoral ban and the time and day that alcohol sales will stop.

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The electoral ban of the internal elections already has a date and time and the Electoral Court communicated the details of when alcohol sales will stop.

The Electoral Court issued a statement in which it reported that “from 7:30 p.m. the previous day, Saturday, June 29, until voting hours end on the aforementioned Sunday the 30th, at 8:30 p.m., the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.”

On the other hand, they recalled that public shows cannot be held either. “During voting hours, no public shows may be held in open or closed premises, nor demonstrations or public meetings of a political nature,” recalled the statement from the public body.

Where do you vote in the internal elections?

On June 30, the Internal Elections non-mandatory that will have more than 7,000 circuits that will be enabled throughout the entire Uruguay from eight in the morning until seven thirty in the afternoon, where the opening of envelopes and counting will begin.

Meanwhile, in the rural circuits a total of 300 voters will be enabled while in the urban circuits the number will rise to 400.

Although the Internal Elections They are not mandatory, history has shown good participation since in 2019 40% of the total registry participated in them, a total of 1,078,992 Uruguayans.

The register was published by the Electoral Court and citizens can check where they vote on the official website of the state agency, based on the credential number or with the full name and date of birth.

At the beginning of April, the Electoral Court carried out the virtual closure of the registry of those authorized to vote for the elections. internal elections and announced that there are some 2,766,323 citizens who will be able to vote on June 30.

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