UN reports 1.9 million people displaced by war in Gaza

UN reports 1.9 million people displaced by war in Gaza
UN reports 1.9 million people displaced by war in Gaza

The humanitarian coordinator of United Nations for Gaza reported that at this time there are 1.9 million people displaced in Palestinian territoryand noted that she is “deeply concerned” by the news of new evacuation orders in Khan Yunis.

“More than a million people have been displaced once again and are desperately seeking shelter and safety. 1.9 million people are now displaced across Gaza…. I am deeply concerned by reports of new evacuation orders issued in the Khan Younis area,” he said. Sigrid Kaag, Dutch politician and diplomatbefore the UN Security Council.

“Palestinian civilians in Gaza have been plunged into an abyss of suffering. Their homes shattered, their lives turned upside down. The war has not only created the deepest humanitarian crisis. It has unleashed a maelstrom of human misery“Kaag added. He also added that Aid reaching the Gaza Strip is insufficient and new accesses must be openedespecially towards southern Gaza, to avoid a “humanitarian disaster”.


At least 37,925 Gazans have been killed in the Israeli offensive, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.


Kaag urged the Reopening of Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egyptand called on the international community to do more to fund relief efforts. The war began after Hamas’s October 7 attack on southern Israel killed 1,195 people, most of them civilians, according to an AFP count based on Israeli figures.

The militants also took 251 hostages116 of whom remain in Gaza and among them 42 deadaccording to him Israeli Army. At least 37,925 Gazans have died in the Israeli offensive, the majority civilians, according to data from the Hamas’s health ministry, which rules Gaza.

Israel has not specifically said that there will be a military operation in southern Gaza, but so far Almost all evacuation orders have announced major battles.

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