A lively celebration for the anniversary: ​​60 years of the brass band association in the district

Young musicians from all over the district will perform in Neukirchen on Saturday, July 6th.

The brass band association in the Braunau district is turning 60. But it doesn’t look old at all at the birthday party: The young musicians have it firmly in their hands. The “round” will be celebrated at the youth music festival on Saturday, July 6, in Neukirchen. The district management of the brass band association is inviting everyone together with the traditional costume band Neukirchen – so the village festival is all about the brass band youth.

And they have their hands full, the large number of expected visitors want to be entertained. 15 different youth orchestras and ensembles are playing. They appear at various locations in Neukirchen – the musical concert experience is therefore combined with a walk through the town. Three stages are set up: in front of the music school, in front of the middle school and in the Schmerold family’s courtyard. Even the weather cannot spoil the mood – if it does not play along, the stages will be set up indoors.

350 young musicians at once

The highlight of the event is at 6:30 p.m. The big ceremony is scheduled for this time, all the young musicians present will play together – around 350 are expected! This performance promises a cloud of sound for the visitors that is worth listening to. At the ceremony, however, there will not only be playing together, but also marching. The 80 young musicians who have practiced for this performance at marching rehearsals with district band leader Arnold Feichtenschlager want to show off their skills. The guests will not only be provided with music, but of course also with food. The Neukirchen traditional costume band will take care of this. The youth music festival begins at 2 p.m.

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