BCRA reduces the deadlines that banks have to notify their clients of commission increases

BCRA reduces the deadlines that banks have to notify their clients of commission increases
February 23, 2024 – 17:52

The BCRA adjusted the requirement that it imposes on banks to notify in advance of commission increases. The new deadlines benefit entities.

Ignacio Petunchi

He Central Bank (BCRA) modified the period that banks have to inform users of financial services of registrations and increases in commissions before applying them and took it from 90 to 60 days. This was established in Communication “A” 7969, which was published this Thursday, just one day before banks began to announce strong increases in their costs to clients.

The standard modified the standards for the protection of users of financial services with the objective of shortening the notice periods of the changes in commissions that governed the banks. In this way, entities will be able to carry out faster commission adjustments than before, when they had to notify their clients more in advance.

As revealed banking sector sources to Ambit“this was a measure that had already been discussed with the BCRA“And this was done in a context in which inflation is very high and financial entities They asked the regulator for a change that would give them greater room for reaction to adjust your commissions so as not to lose so much in a context of strong price inertia.

Banks announced fee increases

That is why the news of the regulatory change came just one day before Banks will begin to inform their clients that they will increase their commissions and the rates for late payment of credit cards, as a result of the inflationary spike.

These are increases in up to 100% in the cost of their services. This began to happen immediately the day after the BCRA published the rule and the banks indicated, consequently, that the new values will begin to rule since Aprilsince financial entities are obliged to communicate increases in their services 60 days in advance, as established by the new BCRA rule.

Source: Ambito

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