Future dollar jump: CNV will investigate whether there was a leak of information

Future dollar jump: CNV will investigate whether there was a leak of information

After the midday The market became abuzz. As rumors spread, future dollar trading volume skyrocketed and accelerated sharply after two in the afternoon. The data speaks for itself: In a single day, the market traded more than 50% of what it usually trades in an entire week.

Following this infrequent activitythe National Securities Commission (CNV) will carry out an investigation to analyze whether it may have occurred some type of leak that gave rise to trading with insider information.

“Facing the closing of the market, the movements increased due to the expectation of the speech at the beginning of ordinary sessions,” they told him from CNV to Ambit. “Likewise, the CNV is going to initiate an investigation to find out if the actors involved had any type of privileged information,” The financial market regulator commented to this newspaper.

Future dollar: strong rise in traded volume

The greatest activity was recorded in March and April contracts, with jumps of 5.51% and 4.56% in the agreed price. But the most striking thing, however, was the trading volume: the March contract reached 418,418 operations this Friday and the April contract reached 157,429. As a reference, the average number of daily contracts traded last week, according to data from Matba Rofex, was 368,281 among all types (in addition to the dollar, commodities, gold, Bitcoin and stock contracts are also counted in this last average. or indexes).

“A lot of rumors”, analyzed one of the heavyweights of the Argentine market about the reasons behind the increases. The thing is that throughout the week all kinds of versions circulated about eventual announcements by President Javier Milei in his opening speech to ordinary sessions of Congress and, particularly during the day this Friday, WhatsApp chats focused their attention on possible modifications of exchange or monetary policy.

In addition to the volume, market analysts were struck by the spread in the price of the supply and demand peaks of contracts. From the money desk of a bank they confirmed to this medium that The Central Bank did not operate in the futures market this Friday, an absence that raises the question of whether there will indeed be any announcement on monetary or exchange policy.

Ambit The BCRA was contacted, but the entity assured that they would not comment on the matter. Complete silence also reached the Palacio de Hacienda, which also chose not to say a word about what was happening in the market.

Source: Ambito

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