Bonds in dollars and ADRs plummet up to 7.5% and the country risk exceeds 1,300 basis points

Bonds in dollars and ADRs plummet up to 7.5% and the country risk exceeds 1,300 basis points

The dollar bonds plummet up to 7.5% and the risk country exceeds the 1,300 basis points amidst the political noise in the market. Meanwhile, the porteño bag operates with losses due to taking profits, a day after recording a new intraday historical maximum in pesos and after a new rise in the parallel dollars that generates tension in the square.

In the fixed income segment, sovereign bonds in dollars plummet up to 7.5% led by the Global 2045followed by Global 2041 (-5.9%), the Bonar 2035 (-3.8%), the Bonar 2038 (-3.7%) and the Global 2035 (-3.6%).

In that context, the risk country measured by the JP Morgan goes up 43 units (+3.3%) and is located in 1,341 basis points.

For their part, the CERs operate mixed: those that rise the most are the TZX27 (+1.7%) and the DICP (+0.9%), while those that fell the most were DIP0 (-3.6%) and the TZX26 (-0.8%).

The political scene dominates the operation since the approval of the Senate in commission to the treatment of the “Bases Law” and the fiscal package. In this framework, the focus is on the escalation of financial dollars, exceeding $1,100.

Buenos Aires bag

The leading index S&P Merval falls 0.2% to 1578435.30 units, after setting a record in 1,582,365.13 intraday points on Tuesday.

In this framework, the actions of the leading panel drop up to 2.3% and are led by IRSA, followed by Northern Gas Carrier (-2.1%), Transener (-1.7%), Edenor (-1.4%) and YPF (-1.1%). The most relevant increases are those of Aluar (+2.2%), Black Hill (+1.6%), Pampa Energy (+1.1%) and Silver Commercial Society (+1%).


The Argentine stocks who operate on Wall street fall up to 5.5%, led by Edenor, followed by Gas Carrier (-5.1%), Supervielle Group (-4.8%) and YPF (-4.7%).

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