Transforming your business is not an option

Transforming your business is not an option
  • Business process automation: AI can automate routine and repetitive tasks, which can increase efficiency and reduce costs. For example, AI can automate inventory management, invoice processing, and customer service.
  • Improved decision making: AI can analyze large amounts of data and provide useful information for business decision making. For example, AI can analyze customers’ buying preferences to help companies personalize their offers.
  • Improved customer experience: AI can improve the customer experience by providing personalized, real-time support. For example, AI can provide assistance online and in mobile apps, as well as in chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Improved operational efficiency: AI can improve the operational efficiency of companies by optimizing processes and reducing human errors. For example, AI can use machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy of production planning and forecasts.
  • Creating new business models: AI can help companies identify new business opportunities and create new business models. For example, AI can enable companies to offer personalized products and services based on customer data.

In short, AI is transforming the way business is done, enabling companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, make better decisions, and provide an enhanced customer experience. Companies that adopt AI can have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The paradoxical thing about this note is that up to now it was written by Open AI. I asked him how artificial intelligence affects business and in less than 10 seconds he developed the above.

I then asked him to translate it into English and Portuguese. I asked him to write the same in dialogue format. I asked him to adapt his answer for accounting studies and he said that he affects them by automating tasks that previously required human intervention, such as invoice processing and bank reconciliation. I wanted to read your answer about how it affects the software industry and you told me that AI is automating code debugging and vulnerability detection. All this took me no more than 90 seconds.

It is not unlimited yet and of course it has bugs, but it has already passed entrance exams to the main universities in the world, it generates algorithms that would take many man-hours in minutes and it builds complex contracts in seconds, in the language you need. All this and much more, it already does.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent. The one that best adapts to change survives”. Darwin’s reflection 160 years ago is more relevant than ever.

Adapt your business to change or it will not survive. Simple as that. So critical.

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