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Does Austria have a chance at the song contest with this song?

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Salena and Teya
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Herbert Schorn

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Herbert Schorn

Culture and Life Editor


We rock the song contest!

Wow, that’s awesome! A song that not only catches your ear from the first minute, but above all into your feet. “Who the hell is Edgar” – that’s cool disco beat, with which we will rock the huge hall in Liverpool. And thank God, it’s not a lyrical ballad that we’ve heard a hundred times in all variations at the Song Contest. There’s no need for wind machines, the song rocks like that! Our motto: party, party, party. And that’s not the worst thing in times like these.

Our song is well produced, suitable for radio and can be staged perfectly for the TV cameras. What “Who the hell is Edgar” may lack in musical sophistication, we make up for with a serious background in the lyrics: Salena and Teya, who wrote the song, address how difficult it is for women in the music biz to pass.

Whether we make it into the final with this song will also largely depend on the performance of the two singers. Everything is done for a good placement. But that’s actually not that important, it’s all about three minutes of joie de vivre, energy and enthusiasm. So: let’s dance!

Helmut Atteneder

Helmut Atteneder

Editor culture


Are we Serbia now?

Austria goes to Liverpool in the person of Teya and Salena with “Who the hell is Edgar?” The finale will be out of reach with this mix of spacey electro-pop and choral music. The song sounds like a Serbian ESC contribution that can rely on the points of the neighboring Eastern European countries without much effort when it comes to quality standards. Nothing sticks, even after repeated listening. The chorus, dedicated to American writer Edgar Allen Poe, phonetically passes for the raunchy “Po, Po…”. We’ve had that before with the Freistadt duo “Trackshittaz”, who were sent home with zero points for their “Woki mit deim Popo”. The feminist approach peddled by Teya and Salena is also a mystery. If this song was intended as a statement on International Women’s Day, then it clearly failed. Conclusion: What the hell is that supposed to be?

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