How to avoid poisoning from cleaning products

How to avoid poisoning from cleaning products

The accidental ingestion of cleaning supplies It is a frequent reason for consultation. Although it is more common in children, many Adults They also suffer from it and this is due to the lack of knowledge about the dangers that these substances entail and the lack of caution when using them.

Although each product has its own characteristics, most products for domestic use contain acidic and alkaline substances. Both cause caustic phenomena, that is, irritative symptoms that range from stomach pain to perforation. The main difference is that acidic substances burn and injure initially, while alkaline substances burn and continue to injure the tissue even hours and days after contact.

But it is not just caustic substances that are used in the home, hydrocarbons, alcohols, insecticides and even heavy metals are also used.

The most frequent ingestions are products such as floor deodorants, bleaches and other disinfectants, but all types can be seen, shoe polish, ink cartridges and matches, among others.

This is because children do not identify dangerous or harmful substances and, in their desire for knowledge, they put them in their mouths.

In the case of adults, it is more common to see lung inflammation due to vapors when mixing different products such as, for example, bleach and floor deodorant.

Although it must be assumed that the majority of substances are toxic, There are some that are not. And this is the case of hydrogel beads, candle wax, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, talcum powder, bubble blowing liquid and lipsticks, among others. They are not dangerous, at least in low doses, but reality confirms that if a child bites one soap, there is no danger, but if he eats two, he will have vomiting and diarrhea.

In toxicology, There is a premise: Nothing is poison, everything is poison. In other words, everything can be toxic depending on its concentration. However, there are some substances more harmful than others.

Tips to avoid poisoning

To avoid a poisoning, do not remove them from their original packaging or change containers. It is very common to see accidents due to consuming a product that was in a container of a soda or juice. In addition, they usually have very striking colors, which are confused with juices and other drinks that are highly sought after by the little ones. Avoid those that are sold loose, in containers that are not the original ones; They are cheap, but dangerous.

Do not mix them. The usual thing is to combine them with bleach, with some floor deodorant or another. They are very reactive chemical substances and if they are mixed, their properties change and can, as usual, emanate dangerous toxic vapors.

When you finish cleaning, you have to save or throw away. Don’t get distracted.

Finally, wear appropriate footwear and gloves when using them. It must be remembered that these are caustic substances that burn and irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Chronic incorrect use can lead to various skin injuries. And do not follow unfounded homemade advice collected on various social networks.

Toxicologist, director of Toxicology Today.

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