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Former diplomat Bondarev: “Putin has to go, the West needs to understand that”

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Boris Bondarev is the only Russian diplomat to have publicly renounced Putin. He demands more determination and fearlessness from the West – and is convinced that the Russian regime is being fooled by its own propaganda.

Boris Bondarev is sitting in a bare room somewhere in Switzerland, he keeps the exact location a secret. The interview with the star takes place online. The 42-year-old worked in the Russian UN mission in Geneva until May last year, when he resigned for reasons of conscience – and was the only Russian diplomat to date to publicly position himself against the regime, which he had served for more than 20 years. That was “liberating”, says Bondarev, but he pays a price: he has to hide, Switzerland has taken measures to protect him, he cannot return to his homeland for the time being. Bondarev is a serious man who thinks long before he talks, wears a tie and laughs about once an hour.

Source: Stern

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