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Union: More than 45,000 new Verdi members in two months

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According to Verdi, employees in the public sector and the post office in particular have rediscovered the union for themselves. Collective bargaining conflicts are likely to play a role in this.

According to a media report, the Verdi union is gaining numerous members in the ongoing collective bargaining conflicts with numerous warning strikes. “We gained over 45,000 new members in the first two months of this year,” Verdi CEO Frank Werneke told the digital media company Table.Media. This is the largest increase within such a period since the union was founded in 2001. According to Wernekes, many new members work in the public sector or at the post office.

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Verdi had lost members in recent years. According to the union, there were around 1.86 million members at the end of 2022. In 2021 there were still 1.89 million members and in 2020 around 1.94 million members.

Verdi is currently in a major collective bargaining conflict with employers in the federal and local public sector. There is also currently a major collective bargaining dispute with Deutsche Post. Warning strikes take place almost every day. Last Friday, public transport in several federal states was largely paralyzed. Verdi has called for nationwide warning strikes in daycare centers and social facilities for Wednesday.

Source: Stern

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