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Demonstrations: Tens of thousands celebrate International Women’s Day across Spain

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Women and girls of all ages gather in Spain’s cities for March 8 – many dressed in purple. “Long live the struggle of all women,” tweeted the Minister for Equal Opportunities.

Tens of thousands took to the streets across Spain late Wednesday night to mark International Women’s Day. In the capital Madrid, the mostly female demonstrators gathered after a long march on and around Plaza de España. According to the authorities, the number of participants was 17,000, but the organizers spoke of around 700,000. “Long live the struggle of all women,” wrote Equal Opportunities Minister Irene Montero on Twitter.

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Tens of thousands took to the streets not only in Madrid, but also in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza and Seville. In some places, the rallies even lasted until just before midnight. Among the demonstrators there were many young girls, women who also had their small children with them, as well as numerous pensioners. They mostly wore purple clothes, purple posters, purple flags and also purple umbrellas. Many men also took part, although they were clearly outnumbered.

For many years, one of the largest rallies in the world has been taking place in Spain on International Women’s Day. This year, however, they were partly overshadowed by the left-wing government’s fiasco about a new sex criminal law which, due to a legal loophole, unexpectedly led to the early release of more than 70 incarcerated sex criminals since last autumn. Parliament therefore introduced a new amendment to this law on Tuesday evening.

For the left-wing government, which wanted to make a name for itself as an advocate of women’s rights in the important election year of 2023, this was a major setback, which is now also reflected in the polls on voter support. The conservative opposition is now ahead there. Within the coalition, the so-called “Only Yes Means Yes” law triggered a severe crisis nine months before the parliamentary elections.

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