Bremen: SPD wants to form a coalition with the Greens and the Left

Bremen: SPD wants to form a coalition with the Greens and the Left

The SPD in Bremen wants to continue governing with the Greens and Left after the state elections and meet with both parties for coalition talks. This resulted in a unanimous party decision.

The Bremen SPD state executive has spoken out in favor of continuing the red-green-red alliance. The coalition negotiations with the Greens and the Left should start on Tuesday after Pentecost, said Bremen Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) after a meeting on Wednesday evening. The decision was unanimous.

In the election for the Bremen Parliament, the SPD emerged as the winner with 29.8 percent. In the past few days, she had held exploratory talks with the Greens, the Left and the CDU. Ultimately, there were more intersections with the Greens and the Left than with the CDU, said Bovenschulte.

The current coalition has also done a good job. “Of course, that is the basis for sensible further work,” said Bovenschulte. Everyone involved is aware, however, that “it can’t just go on like this”. Changes and improvements are needed in the areas of childcare, education, internal security and transport.

Andreas Bovenschulte has been mayor of Bremen since 2019

The SPD has governed the smallest federal state with the Greens and the Left for the last four years. But the Greens are weakened. After 17.4 percent of the votes in 2019, this time they landed at 11.9 percent. Her top candidate, Senator for the Environment Maike Schaefer, announced her withdrawal. The state leadership of the Greens does not want to run again. The Left Party roughly maintained its result at 10.9 percent (2019: 11.3 percent).

The old and potentially new partners are preparing for the coalition talks at party conferences. The left invited to an extraordinary state party conference on Thursday (6.30 p.m.). The Greens are planning a general meeting for Saturday (10:30 a.m.).

CDU top candidate Frank Imhoff reacted disappointed to the cancellation of the SPD. “Mayor Bovenschulte has decided against a real departure and for a comfortable ‘keep it up’. Our concern for the situation in schools and daycare centers, for internal security and the economic and financial development of the country is now even greater,” said Imhoff .

In terms of content, the SPD, the Greens and the Left have a lot in common according to their election programs. In the area of ​​transport, for example, all three want the expansion of public transport and more 30 km/h zones, in the area of ​​education all three reject grades from class 3. A controversial law to set up a training fund was passed shortly before the election against massive criticism from the opposition and business.

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