Study: Positive half-time balance for traffic lights – but a weak impression

Study: Positive half-time balance for traffic lights – but a weak impression

According to an analysis, the traffic light government is making good progress with its plans from the coalition agreement. However, public perception is determined by disputes and open construction sites.

According to a study, the mid-term balance of the traffic light government compared to the implementation of its coalition agreement is quite impressive. But their public perception as a “disputing coalition” is, in contrast, rather negative. These results come from an analysis by the Bertelsmann Foundation together with the University of Trier and the think tank “Das Progressive Zentrum” as well as a representative survey carried out in parallel.

At halftime, the traffic light had fully or partially fulfilled 38 percent of its 453 coalition promises. Another 12 percent are “in the process of fulfillment,” according to the study published on Tuesday. 14 percent have been “substantially addressed”. In contrast, a good third of the promises (36 percent) from the contract between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP were neither fulfilled nor addressed. For the analysis, the research team examined “real” promises, whose fulfillment could be verified using clear criteria.

Foundation author Robert Vehrkamp said that a “very promising” mid-term review was overshadowed by “publicly staged coalition disputes and many open construction sites.” In contrast to a comparatively high level of implementation, the traffic lights are seen by many as a “dispute coalition”.

Only a quarter are satisfied with the coalition’s work

The additional survey showed that only twelve percent of people in Germany believe that “all, almost all or a large part” of the agreed coalition promises have been implemented. On the other hand, 43 percent of those surveyed believe that only “a small proportion or hardly any” promises are being implemented. For the survey, the Allensbach Institute interviewed 1,011 people aged 16 and over personally and orally on behalf of the foundation in July.

Only about a quarter of those surveyed were satisfied with the coalition’s work. More than 60 percent were “somewhat or very” dissatisfied. What is striking is “how little most people differentiate between the three government parties,” said Vehrkamp. Most people see and judge the traffic light as a unit.

Source: Stern

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