Nobody wants a big war. But Iran and the US are stumbling closer to it every day

Nobody wants a big war.  But Iran and the US are stumbling closer to it every day

First in Yemen, now in Syria and Iraq: attacks by pro-Iranian militias are forcing the USA to become increasingly involved military in the Middle East. There are growing calls in Washington for a powerful retaliatory strike against Tehran. But that would only make everything worse.

The US base “Tower 22” is located in a remote location in the inhospitable Syrian desert – and yet very close to a geostrategic hotspot in the Middle East.

The M2 highway between Baghdad and Damascus runs in the immediate vicinity. The route connects the spheres of influence of pro-Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria and is the shortest route for Iranian arms supplies to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The M2: A kind of highway for America and Israel’s enemies.

Pro-Iranian militias from the so-called “Axis of Resistance,” trained and armed by Tehran, have attacked US troops in the region more than 150 times since the beginning of the Gaza war. The US base al-Tanf alone, located on Syrian territory directly on the M2, came under fire several times. After initial reluctance, the USA has recently retaliated more and more frequently for such attacks, through air strikes or targeted drone killings – but only in Syria and Iraq.

Source: Stern

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