Tobacco use: Drug commissioner for tougher stance against smoking

Tobacco use: Drug commissioner for tougher stance against smoking

There is a “massive need for action” in Germany, says the federal government’s drug commissioner, Blienert. As a first step, a ban on advertising tobacco products must be implemented.

The federal government’s drug commissioner, Burkhard Blienert, has spoken out in favor of a much more decisive approach to tobacco consumption and spoke of a “massive need for action”. “We can take an example from the seriousness with which the issue of smoking is approached in other countries,” Blienert told the “Bild” newspaper (Thursday).

The British government, for example, wants to make the purchase of tobacco illegal for people born after January 1, 2009. To achieve this, the minimum age, which is currently 18, is to be gradually increased.

At the same time, Blienert referred to the traffic light government’s agreements. “Step number one for us is to now implement the agreements from the coalition agreement and finally ensure that cigarettes etc. are no longer allowed to be advertised and that there is no longer any sponsorship from the tobacco industry.” According to Blienert, 127,000 people die every year as a result of smoking.

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