Israel’s intelligence chief resigns over Hamas attack

Israel’s intelligence chief resigns over Hamas attack

Has Israel’s intelligence chief failed? At least he didn’t see the Hamas attack on October 7th coming. As he himself says, he is now drawing conclusions from the mistake.

The director of Israel’s military intelligence, Aharon Haliva, resigns. The Israeli army announced on Monday that he wanted to fulfill his leadership responsibilities after the “events of October 7th”. Israel’s Defense Minister Joav Galant agreed to the request to resign. According to military sources, he will also leave the army as soon as there is a successor for him. When exactly that would be was initially unclear. The intelligence department did not do justice to the task entrusted to it, Haliva wrote in a letter.

Terrorists from Hamas and other groups murdered more than 1,200 people and abducted around 250 others to the Gaza Strip in their massacre on October 7 last year. Haliva said shortly afterwards that he was responsible for the mistakes that led to the terrorist attack. In order to clarify these errors, he now also called for the establishment of a state investigative committee.

Resignation increases pressure from Israel’s government

Haliva’s move could also increase pressure on Israel’s government to address its own mistakes. Many Israelis accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of not yet admitting personal responsibility for the political and military failure on October 7th. Netanyahu, against whom a corruption trial has been ongoing for a long time, does not want to launch an investigation until the end of the Gaza war. Critics accuse him of prolonging the war in order to remain in office. According to polls, the majority of Israelis want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign after the end of the Gaza war at the latest. In new elections, the party of Benny Gantz, minister in the war cabinet, would currently become the strongest faction.

Members of Netanyahu’s right-wing, religious government have in the past attacked Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi over his plans to set up an investigative commission to investigate the army’s mistakes that made Hamas’ terrorist attack possible.

International criticism of Israel

Israel responded to the massacre with massive air strikes and a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip. In view of the high number of civilian casualties and the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, Israel is increasingly criticized internationally.

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