Protests: Call for demonstrations after attacks on politicians

Protests: Call for demonstrations after attacks on politicians

There is great outrage following the attacks on politicians. Now two alliances have called for spontaneous demonstrations in Dresden and Berlin – this Sunday.

After the recent attacks on politicians and campaign workers, two alliances have called for spontaneous demonstrations in Berlin and Dresden this Sunday. The internet portal “Together Against the Right” and the alliance “We are the Firewall Dresden” published calls to this effect on their Instagram channels on Saturday evening. “Violence has no place in our democracy!” it said. In Berlin there will be protests in front of the Brandenburg Gate from 6 p.m., and in Dresden from 5 p.m. at Pohlandplatz. The alliances had already called for demonstrations against the right in February.

On Friday evening, the Saxon SPD’s leading candidate for the European elections, Matthias Ecke, was beaten up by four unknown people while hanging up election posters in Dresden. The 41-year-old MEP has been in hospital since then and needs surgery. Shortly before, according to police, the same group had allegedly attacked and injured a 28-year-old Green Party campaign worker nearby. The incidents in Dresden are part of a nationwide series of attacks on party members before the local and European elections on June 9th. Only on Thursday evening, after a Green Party event in Essen, Bundestag member Kai Gehring and his party colleague Rolf Fliß said they were attacked and Fliß was beaten.


The alliance’s call goes on to say that they want to take a stand together as a democratic civil society. “No one should have to fear for their safety because they are politically involved or active in a party!” it said. “We will not allow violence to destroy this democracy.”

The nationwide protests against the right in February were triggered by revelations by the media company Correctiv about a meeting of radical right-wingers in Potsdam, in which AfD politicians and individual members of the CDU and the very conservative Values ​​Union also took part. There, the former head of the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement in Austria, Martin Sellner, said he spoke about the concept of so-called remigration. When right-wing extremists use the term, they usually mean that large numbers of people of foreign origin should leave the country – even under duress.

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