Parties: CDU adopts new basic program

Parties: CDU adopts new basic program

Day two of the CDU federal party conference: The delegates have launched a new basic program. The previous one was from 2007.

After 17 years, the CDU has a new basic program. On Tuesday evening, the party conference in Berlin unanimously approved the draft, which had been changed in some points. With the new program entitled “Live in freedom. Lead Germany safely into the future”, the CDU is sealing its programmatic realignment after the loss of power in the 2021 federal election. In doing so, it is setting more conservative accents on migration, for example.

Secretary General Carsten Linnemann said: “With this day, the CDU’s program has been completely overhauled.” The CDU is giving the country confidence again.

Individual new points that were not initially planned were added to the program during the deliberations at the party conference. The CDU is now calling for the suspension of compulsory military service to be gradually reversed. An initiative by the SME and Economic Union was also decided, according to which the CDU calls for the state goal of food security to be “anchored” in the Basic Law.

The basic program adopted is the fourth in the history of the CDU. The previous one was from 2007.

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