Weimar Triangle: Berlin, Paris and Warsaw want to combine security policy

Weimar Triangle: Berlin, Paris and Warsaw want to combine security policy

Germany, France and Poland want to work together to advance security policy in Europe. And the fight against disinformation is to be intensified, especially ahead of the European elections.

In view of hybrid threats from Russia, Germany, France and Poland want to increasingly act as a driving force for a common European security policy and take more intensive action against disinformation before the European elections.

“We can no longer afford a foreign policy on autopilot,” said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) after consultations with her colleagues from France and Poland in the format of the so-called Weimar Triangle. “That’s why we as the Weimar Triangle want to be the driving force behind us positioning ourselves correctly as a European Union and becoming more capable of geopolitical action,” she added.

A few weeks before the European elections on June 9th, the three foreign ministers called on the people of Europe to use their vote to defend democracy in the European Union. “The Weimar Republic reminds us how quickly democratic rules can be undermined with hatred and targeted campaigns,” warned Baerbock, referring to the historic conference location.

It is a great fortune and the achievement of previous generations that democracy is strong and able to defend itself today and that it can be better protected. “At the same time, we know from our history that democracy does not fall from the sky, but must be lived every day and defended when in doubt.”

Séjourné to first-time voters: Use your right to vote

France’s Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné called on young people in the three countries in particular not to abstain from the European elections, which are important for many future issues. “It is important to exercise the right to vote as democracy comes under strain around the world.” This is also happening increasingly through destabilization attempts orchestrated by Russia, such as the paint attack on the Holocaust memorial in Paris. The aim of such attacks is to sow discord among the population.

Together against disinformation

Germany, France and Poland want to join forces as the Weimar Triangle in the fight against fake news and disinformation, Baerbock announced. “Because we all see that the European Union, our union of freedom, is in the crosshairs. Europe is being attacked from within and from without, including with espionage.” Disinformation campaigns, especially before the European elections, are aimed “at the heart of European democracy”.

“Weimar Agenda” as a work plan for more security

Baerbock, Séjourné and Sikorski drew up a concrete work plan for a stronger geopolitical Europe in a “Weimar Agenda”. “Only a Europe that clearly recognizes its interests and acts accordingly will be able to survive in an increasingly confusing world,” said the German Foreign Minister. In addition to security and defense policy, the agenda includes the goal of reforming the EU with faster decisions and a “green Weimar Triangle”. The global energy transition is both an economic opportunity and the greatest security issue for many international partners.

In defense policy, the aim is to permanently meet the target of spending of two percent of gross domestic product, said Baerbock. Above all, the defense sector should be planned, pooled and then acted together. The Federal Foreign Minister added: “To ensure that a military capability gap does not become a gateway, we must consistently close it, for example in air defense.” In concrete terms, this also means more joint procurement and a strengthening of European armaments capacities through long-term contracts and planning security

Sikorski warns of war of all against all

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski spoke of a “dramatic moment” given the war in Ukraine, the European elections and the uncertain outcome of the US presidential election. “These are not challenges we can overcome alone,” he said. After two bloody wars in Europe, a taboo was established. “And that is that the borders are not allowed to be moved. All borders in Europe are artificial. If we start to find that borders can be moved by force because of certain national minorities, that is a recipe for war by everyone against everyone.” Russian President Vladimir Putin must not succeed in this. “The most important thing is that Ukraine does not lose this war and Russia does not win it.”

The Weimar Triangle was founded in Weimar in 1991 as a discussion format by the then foreign ministers of the three countries. Baerbock came to Weimar directly from a solidarity visit to Ukraine. In the capital Kiev on Tuesday she urgently called for more international support for Ukraine in air defense.

Source: Stern

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