Crime: AfD MP beaten in Dresden

Crime: AfD MP beaten in Dresden

Dresden police are investigating a man on suspicion of bodily harm after he allegedly hit an AfD politician.

According to the party, the Saxon AfD state parliament member, Hans-Jürgen Zickler, was attacked by a man at an information stand in Dresden. The man suddenly punched the 70-year-old Zickler in the face on Saturday, said the AfD Saxony spokesman, Andreas Harlaß. The attacker was detained until the police arrived. A criminal complaint has been filed.

Dresden police confirmed an incident. According to them, a 47-year-old man hit a 70-year-old man at a polling station. The suspect’s personal details were recorded. He is being investigated on suspicion of bodily harm. The police did not name names for reasons of privacy protection.

Source: Stern

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