Society: Exmatriculation? Decision after Sylt racism scandal

Society: Exmatriculation? Decision after Sylt racism scandal
Society: Exmatriculation? Decision after Sylt racism scandal

After racist shouting in a bar on Sylt, a student involved was threatened with serious consequences. Her Hamburg university is considering expulsion. The decision has now been made.

A student who was involved in the racist shouting of young party guests in a Sylt bar is allowed to continue studying at her Hamburg university. The Exmatriculation Committee of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) has come to this conclusion, the HAW announced.

“There will be no exmatriculation proceedings against the HAW Hamburg student who took part in the racist chants during a party on Sylt.” However, a ban on entry imposed on the student until the end of July will remain in place.

Exmatriculation severe violation of fundamental rights

The six members of the committee weighed up the proportionality, as exmatriculation would be a serious infringement of fundamental rights, it was said. The ban on entry and the individual study situation were taken into account. After careful examination, the decision against the exmatriculation procedure was made unanimously.

The HAW has clearly distanced itself from the video that went viral a month ago and the content expressed in it, the statement said. “As a cosmopolitan university, it stands against racism in all forms and makes its decisions out of a responsibility to cultivate and demand open, respectful cooperation.”

In a video lasting just a few seconds, which is said to have been shot at the Pony Bar in Kampen over Pentecost, young people can be seen and heard shouting racist slogans to the tune of the party hit “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino. They sing “Germany for the Germans – foreigners out!” The incident sparked outrage across the country.

Source: Stern

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