Israel’s army: Gaza residents to leave city

Israel’s army: Gaza residents to leave city
Israel’s army: Gaza residents to leave city

Israel claims to have eliminated 60 percent of Hamas fighters since the war began. But the fighting is not over yet – the residents of Gaza City are therefore being warned.

The Israeli army has called on all residents of Gaza to leave the city in the north of the Gaza Strip. “The city of Gaza remains a dangerous combat zone,” said leaflets dropped over the city. All residents should go south to shelters via “security corridors”.

Fighting in Gaza, “most intense in months”

The day before, the army had announced that it was continuing its “anti-terror operations” against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza. Residents reported “explosions and numerous firefights” as well as helicopter attacks on southwestern districts. According to the armed wing of the Palestinian organization Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, the fighting was “the fiercest in months.”

The war in the Gaza Strip was triggered by the unprecedented large-scale attack by Hamas fighters and other militant Palestinian groups on Israel on October 7. According to Israeli sources, 1,195 people were killed and 251 were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. In response to the attack, Israel has since launched a massive military operation in the Gaza Strip.

60 percent of Hamas fighters eliminated

According to Israeli Defense Minister Joaw Gallant, 60 percent of Hamas fighters have been killed or injured. The Israeli military has also wiped out the majority of the 24 battalions that the armed wing of the radical Islamic Palestinian organization had at its disposal at the start of the war. Gallant made this statement in a speech to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

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