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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Boca is distinguished for restoring cards to missing fans

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The Legislature of Buenos Aires distinguished Boca yesterday for the tribute it paid to seven members of the institution who were victims of State terrorism, based on the restitution to their relatives of the cards that accredited them as associates of the Ribera club . The act was held in the Montevideo room of the Buenos Aires Parliament, at the request of the project of the legislator Claudio Morresi (Frente de Todos), which was approved in the ordinary session, and included the participation of members of the executive committee. The declaration of the Legislature refers to the tribute that the Human Rights Commission of the entity paid last March to Nillo Agnoli, Carlos Alberto Chiappolini, Jorge Fernando Di Pascuale, Antonio Ángel Garuti, Eduardo Alberto Garuti, Graciela Dora Pennelli and Daniel Alberto Sansone. The “xeneize” entity restored to the relatives of the seven detainees-disappeared a card that bears the name of each of the honorees, along with the phrase “Partner No. 30000”.

Source: Ambito

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