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Pekerman left the Venezuelan National Team: what were the reasons

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Jose Nestor Pekermanan experienced 73-year-old coach, resigned as coach of Venezuela -which he had assumed in December 2021- with the project of classifying the “Vinotinto” to the next World Cup 2026according to a source from his environment confided to Télam.

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The output of Pekerman It comes after just 10 games in front of the team with a balance of five wins, one draw and four losses.

Venezuela He had planned to play two friendlies in Middle East in the next date FIFA: Friday 24 before Saudi Arabia and on Tuesday 28 against uzbekistanboth in the city of jeddah.

Waiting for the officialization by the Venezuelan Football Federationthe resignation of Pekerman It would also include the departure of all his work team.

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The former DT of the Argentine national team had arrived with Patricio Camps, Leandro Cufré and Fernando “Bocha” Batista. Furthermore, the selected under 20 Was in charge of Fabrizio Coloccini.

The reasons for the resignation

As far as he could find out telamthe resignation of the former coach of Colombia is due to the big differences with the conduction of the FVF who presides Jorge Gimenez. From the DT side, they hold the leadership responsible for breaching different points of the contract signed in December 2021 with a duration until 2026.

Among other things, Pekerman intended that the tournament First division of Venezuela have a similar one with the youth category, as happens in our country with the Booking.

The Venezuelan media, on the other hand, argue that the point of conflict arose from the role of Pascual Lezcano, Pekerman’s representative. and officially announced at the time as manager of selections of the FVF. lezcano He was fired before the resignation of the DT.


lezcano He is an extremely trustworthy person. Pekerman and even had an impact on the assembly of the coaching staff of the selected under 20 who participated in the last tournament South American in Colombia.

colocini He was the technical director and his team completed it Gaspar Lezcanobrother of Paschal, Nicolas Medina and Diego Colottochampions with the Argentine national team under 20 in 2001.

Source: Ambito

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