Barracas Central thrashed Instituto in an early final for not being relegated

Barracas Central thrashed Instituto in an early final for not being relegated

Buenos Aires, May 5 (NA) — Barracas Central knew how to take advantage of the right moments to hit, and thrashed Instituto de Córdoba 3-0 at home, in an acceptable match that they played this afternoon, in the Federal Capital, in what was an early final for not being relegated within the fifteenth day of the 2023 Professional League.

Francisco Álvarez, at 23 minutes of the first stage, Bruno Sepúlveda, at 18 of the complement, and Iván Tapia from a penalty, at 29, were the authors of the conquests with which the local team triumphed.

This result gave some oxygen to Barracas Central, which will have to improve its campaign so as not to suffer again with the averages, while Instituto compromised its present and in the event that Sarmiento de Junín and Platense win, it will be in the relegation zone.

The match had an interesting start that lasted until after fifteen minutes, minutes in which both teams proposed a constant back and forth, which although they were not significant actions, prowled the rival goals with danger.

The stopped ball was key for Barracas Central, since they had a warning and on their second opportunity, they scored: Rodrigo Insúa put his cross into the area, and Francisco Álvarez won with a header to make it 1-0.

The goal revived the match. Instituto forced to look for equality, he again showed himself poignant, but failed to hurt the “Handsome” team, which lacked lucidity to extend the advantage before the end of the first stage.

Already in the complement, Barracas Central planted itself in the rival field, exhibited a superior role, and through pressure, recovered a key ball that led to a center that Sepúlveda capitalized and with a point-blank shot, put the story 2 to 0.

Instituto tried to reach the discount with a lukewarm advance and an interesting free kick that goalkeeper Andrés Desábato covered -in a great way-, however, his aspirations were buried when Tapia, with a penalty, sentenced the win with a soft shot near the post which meant 3 to 0.


The following is the summary of the meeting:


Professional League 2023.

Date 15.

Central Barracas (3) – (0) Institute.

Stadium: Claudio Fabian Tapia.

Referee: Nicolás Lamolina.

VAR: Pablo Dovalo.


Central Barracas: Andrés Desábato; Mauro Peinpil, Nicolás Capraro, Francisco Álvarez, Rodrigo Insúa and Facundo Mater; Alexis Dominguez, Carlos Arce, Iván Tapia and Brian Calderara; and Bruno Sepulveda. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Institute: Jorge Carranza; Giuliano Cerato, Joaquin Varela, Fernando Alarcon, Jonathan Bay; Gastón Lodico, Nicolás Linares, Gabriel Graciani, Roberto Bochi, Brahian Cuello; and Adrian Martinez. DT: Lucas Bovaglio.


Goal in the first half: 23m Francisco Álvarez (BC).


Goals in the second half: 18m Bruno Sepúlveda (BC), 29m Iván Tapia (BC) from a penalty.


Substitution in the first half: 15m Alan Cantero for Domínguez (BC).


Changes in the second half: at the beginning Santiago Rodríguez for Linares (I); 25m Axel Rodríguez by Neck (I); 29m Fernando Prado by Sepúlveda (BC); 35m Nicolás Watson for Bochi (I); 37m Julián Viollaz for Calderara (BC), Kevin Quejada for Mater (BC).



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