Prize money: Boris Becker: Tennis in equal rights “almost a pioneer”

Prize money: Boris Becker: Tennis in equal rights “almost a pioneer”

In tennis, too, there is a debate about equal pay for players. Appointments also provide topics of conversation. Boris Becker sees his sport as a positive example.

Boris Becker sees no need to catch up in tennis when it comes to treating players in the same way.

“If we look at the other sports, we are almost pioneers when it comes to equality. Most major tournaments have the same prize money, and the fixtures are almost identical,” said the 55-year-old Eurosport expert. “Basically, tennis is an example of how equality works in sport.”

Most recently, there had been criticism from women players at the parallel tournaments in Rome, as the prize money for men was more than twice as high as for women. Both clay court events belong to the second highest tournament category. From 2025 onwards, the premiums in Rome are to be adjusted. At the Grand Slams, the prize money is already the same for players.

The arrangements for the evening games at the French Open last year also caused criticism, nine of the ten games played in the night session were men’s singles. “You have to leave it up to the tournament organizers when to start whom,” said Becker just under a week before the start of the Grand Slam at the Stade Roland Garros. “It’s also important how the spectators take it. In Rome I’ve seen empty ranks a few times in the women’s matches, in the men’s it was almost always full.” In Rome, the women’s final only started late in the evening due to weather delays.

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