Iraq couldn’t beat England and they drew 0-0

Iraq couldn’t beat England and they drew 0-0

In the match corresponding to date 3 of group E of the FIFA – Sub 20 World Cup – Argentina 2023 tournament, Iraq and England tied 0-0.

England midfielder Liam Delap squandered his chance to open the scoring and take the lead by missing a penalty kick in the 50th minute of the first half.

Hussein Hassan had a great performance. The Iraq goalkeeper was the protagonist against England: he contained 3 shots.

Another player who had a great game was James Beadle. The England goalkeeper was the protagonist against Iraq: he contained 3 shots.

It was a duel that was stopped, due to the high accumulation of infractions within the field. There was only one card, in the 49th minute of the first half Sajjad Mahdi received a yellow card.

Iraq manager Emad Mohammed laid out a 4-5-1 tactical setup with Hussein Hassan in goal; Kadhim Raad, Adam Rasheed, Roman Doulashi and Sajjad Mahdi on the defensive line; Alai Hussain Ghasem, Alexander Aoraha, Ali Jassim, Ali Sadeq and Youssef Amyn in the middle; and Ashar Ali in the attack.

For their part, Ian Foster’s side came out in a 3-6-1 tactical arrangement with James Beadle at three posts; Jarell Quansah, Ronnie Edwards and Bashir Humphreys on defense; Daniel Oyegoke, Xavier Simons, Harvey Vale, Imari Samuels, Alfie Devine and Liam Delap in midfield; and Samuel Edozie up front.

Campbell-Kirk Kawana-Waugh was the referee chosen for the match at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

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