Without much emotion, Arg. de Quilmes and Argentino de Merlo drew 0-0

Without much emotion, Arg. de Quilmes and Argentino de Merlo drew 0-0

Nothing for anyone! A. Quilmes and Argentino de M. drew a goalless match at the Arg. de Quilmes stadium, on date 17 of the Argentina – Campeonato Primera B Season 2023 tournament.

The best player of the match was Alejo Tello. The Arg. de Quilmes goalkeeper showed off.

Germán Oviedo also stood out in the Arg. de Quilmes stadium. The Argentino de Merlo goalkeeper shone.

The game had a large number of cautions: Nicolás Rios, Manuel Cordeviola, Franco Pezzani, Julián Vila, Eduardo Méndez, Ramiro López, Víctor López and Juan Manuel Sánchez de León. Franco Pezzani was sent off for a double yellow card (31′, 2T) and Félix Villacorta for a direct red card (37′, 2T).

The coach of A. Quilmes, Néstor Ferraresi, proposed a 4-3-3 formation with Alejo Tello in goal; Facundo Lando, Leonardo Escalante, Eduardo Méndez and Franco Pezzani on the defensive line; Lucas Arzamendia, Julián Vila and Ramiro López in the middle; and Juan Da Rosa, Enzo Castro and Joel Ortíz in attack.

For its part, Lucas Nohra’s team took to the field with a 4-5-1 scheme with Germán Oviedo under the three sticks; Diego Ursino, Ezequiel Cohen, Nicolás Digiano and Víctor López in defense; Juan Manuel Sánchez de León, Nicolás Ríos, Facundo Macarof, Gastón Scisci and Manuel Cordeviola in midfield; and Juan Bautista Arricau up front.

Referee Sebastián Bresba was in charge of supervising the game at the Arg. de Quilmes stadium.

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