The match is 1-0 in favor of Bolívar

The match is 1-0 in favor of Bolívar

The scoreboard is open! At minute 5, Gabriel Villamil’s goal arrived and the locals were left with the partial victory against C. Porteño.

In their last match, the local team was victorious and faces this duel with high spirits. His rival needs to recover from the last slap he suffered the previous day.

Bolívar achieved a 1-0 win against Barcelona. Prior to this match, they were defeated in 1 match and won 2, in which they accumulated 3 goals against against 9 in favor.

Cerro Porteño comes from being defeated 0-3 against Palmeiras. It will have to be redeemed after having lost some points as a result of 2 lost games and only 2 wins. He scored 5 goals in those games and his goal has been beaten 11 times.

While Bolívar leads the Group C table with 9 points and 9 goals converted, C. Porteño looks at everyone from below with 3 points and 9 goals.

The judge chosen to direct the party in the colossus of Miraflores was Cristián Garay.

Bolívar formation today

The coach Beñat San José arranged a 3-6-1 formation with Carlos Lampe under the three sticks; Diego Bejarano, Bryan Bentaberry and Nicolás Ferreyra at the back; José Sagredo, Leonel Justiniano, Gabriel Villamil, Roberto Fernández, Lucas Chávez and Patricio Rodríguez in midfield; and Ronnie Fernández as forward.

Formation of Cerro Porteño today

For his part, Facundo Sava enters the ring with a 4-5-1 strategy, with goalkeeper Jean Fernandes; Alberto Espínola, Pedro Álvarez, Robert Piris da Motta, Leonardo Rivas on the defensive wall; Enzo Giménez, Claudio Aquino, Wilder Viera, Ángel Cardozo Lucena and Federico Carrizo in midfield; and Diego Churín up front.

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