The Williams sisters bought a team from a revolutionary golf league

The Williams sisters bought a team from a revolutionary golf league

the stars of serena tennis and venus williams will own the first team of the TGL, the new league of Golf virtual developed by Tiger Woods and the northern irish Rory McIlroy.

The Los Angeles Golf Club (LAGC) will be the first of the six teams that will make up the TGL, as announced on Thursday by this competition created from an association between the PGA circuit and the company TMRW Sports, founded by Woods and McIlroy.

The TGL will offer team matches that blend advanced technology and live action from a custom stadium in the state of Florida and will be broadcast on television on Monday nights.

The inaugural season will kick off in January with six teams of three PGA players each competing in 15 regular season, 18-hole matches, followed by playoffs.


In addition to the Williams sisters, the group of owners of the LAGC team includes businessman Alexis Ohanian, creator of the Reddit social network and husband of Serena Williams.

“We see tremendous opportunities in leveraging technology to bring golf closer to its fans,” said Ohanian, who was also an early investor in Angel City FC’s women’s soccer league team.

“An important part of Los Angeles Golf Club is making golf our own, for everyone, and I couldn’t be more excited to shape the future of the sport with my family,” Serena Williams said on Twitter, who revealed in May that she is waiting for her second son with Ohanian.

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