They impute River for the death of the fan who fell from the stands

They impute River for the death of the fan who fell from the stands
August 25, 2023 – 10:34

The prosecution targeted the Núñez club and private security for the death of Pablo Serrano. The decision was made after evaluating the images from security cameras.

The Sports Events Prosecutor’s Office in charge of celsa ramirez accused the club River Plate Yet the Private security hired by the club nunez for the death of the fan Paul Serranowho fell from the grandstand Sívori Alta last June and died.

The accusation was also made by the victim’s family with a presentation made by the lawyer Paula Peralta on behalf of his daughters and pointing to the entity as responsible for the manslaughter of Highlander given the lack of care and the private security company technology.

The accusation is that “the corresponding safeguards were not taken into account to avoid the fact”which was preceded by similar situations in the same sector from where other fans who had injuries fell.

After the incident during which the sympathizer fell, who was subjected to expert tests and it was determined that he had blood alcohol Because he had previously shared a barbecue with other people, the gallery was closed for a few days.

Finally, the prosecution enabled its operation, but River It had to adopt certain measures such as the location of security personnel with more presence to prevent future falls, as well as billboards and the voice of the stadium as a deterrent effect.

The investigation was based on the images of the security cameras of the stadium that was crucial in this case, since the videos revealed that Highlander he tried to hold on to the flags as he fell and that his intention, apparently, was to sit on the 1.40 meter high rail, as other fans were doing at that moment.

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