US Open: Siegemund scolds and cries: Treated like “cheater”.

US Open: Siegemund scolds and cries: Treated like “cheater”.

First of all, Laura Siegemund does not only receive applause from the Obamas at the US Open. In a heated duel, however, many spectators turn against the Swabian – which disappoints them severely.

Laura Siegemund initially held back her tears with difficulty, but after several minutes of a stirring press conference, she cried bitterly. Angry and disappointed, the 35-year-old Swabian tennis player scolded the American audience after just missing out on a sensation against co-favorite Coco Gauff at the US Open.

“They had no respect for me, they had no respect for good tennis, it hurts a lot,” Siegemund complained shortly after midnight. She was treated like “a scammer” and “a bad person”.

Not only former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle from the box had applauded the great outsider after a successful point in the first sentence. But after several arguments with the referee and Gauff complaining that her opponent was playing too slowly, the mood at Arthur Ashe Stadium changed. Many spectators booed Siegemund at 6: 3, 2: 6, 4: 6 from the second round and clapped after devious first serves.

Tears at the PK

“This unfair, disrespectful behavior towards a non-American, I’ve only experienced it on this court,” said Siegemund. “It’s the first time I’ve cried in a press conference.”

Her 19-year-old opponent Gauff had complained during the almost three-hour game that Siegemund needed longer than the allowed time to prepare between rallies. “She’s never ready when I serve – how can that be fair?” Complained the world number six to referee Marijana Veljovic. The German received two warnings for violating the time rules, which gave Gauff a point.

Gauff also disliked other behavior. “I’ve never seen a player talk so much to the referee,” criticized the US star in front of the world press. “She did the big discussion,” Siegemund replied a few minutes later, one room down the line.

Strong performance

The strong performance of the world number 121 came through the background noise. into the background. Siegemund fought through the qualification and had a clear plan for the difficult task. Again and again she went aggressively to the net, returned with a backspin and let her 16-year-younger opponent run with stop balls. In the first set, Gauff seemed increasingly unnerved, after 43 minutes a backhand sailed out of the game and Siegemund surprisingly won the set.

The first game of the second half was a great test of nerves and lasted 26 minutes alone. Siegemund suddenly debated with the referee, Gauff used the eighth break point in the game, took the lead and won the sentence with ease. In the third round, Siegemund fought against defeat, but had to admit defeat with physical disadvantages.

She will now be in action in women’s doubles at the US Open and has also registered for mixed. Siegemund has already won both titles in Flushing Meadows in the past. When asked if she would return to the US Open again at 36, she replied: “I would only come back because it’s a slam. But certainly not to give people a show. If they act like that, they deserve it she’s not a show. I’m in shock.”

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