The unusual reprimand of the head of the Lyon barra brava to the players

The unusual reprimand of the head of the Lyon barra brava to the players
September 4, 2023 – 19:59

In the middle of the playing field, the man grabbed a megaphone and gave a message to the team that is made up of Nicolás Tagliafico. The footballers listened to him in silence and went to the locker room.


Olympique Lyon is usually a protagonist of the French League and even on some occasions was encouraged to fight for the European cups. From that place, the lousy start in this tournament, where he accumulates only one point out of twelve that were played, set off the alarms and inflamed the fans.

That is why after the home defeat last weekend against Paris Saint Germain, the footballers of the team where he plays Nicolas Tagliafico They went through a bizarre situation.

The head of the Lyon barra brava grabbed a megaphone and when the footballers approached to greet their fans with the already accomplished 1-4 of the Parisians they had to listen to the words of this subject, who obtained the approval of all the fans.


“The message is addressed to some of you, Olympique Lyonnais 2023/2024 players, especially to all those who assume the status of locker room managers. The message is clear: if there are managers in the locker room, they no longer have the right to remain silent. They carry the Olympique Lyonnais jersey that others have honored before you. You have no right to defame it.”were the words chosen by the man to show the discomfort of the fans with the present of the team that marches last in Le Championnat.

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