America’s Cup and World Cup? The Boca astrologer revealed that “something very nice is coming for the National Team”

America’s Cup and World Cup?  The Boca astrologer revealed that “something very nice is coming for the National Team”

The popular astrologer of Boca and the Argentine National Team, Giorgio Armas, hit the key again with the result achieved by the team Lionel Scaloni against Bolivia in La Paz, and anticipated what will happen with the future of the brand new World champions in the South American Qualifiers, Copa América 2024 and World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Given the magnitude and certainty of its predictionsit is impossible to avoid following his daily predictions about the Argentine cast.

So much so, that prior to the Argentine victory against Bolivia by 3 to 0, Giorgio Armas He asked “please” to preserve the physical integrity of Lionel Messi and not including him in the game because he could suffer an injury.

If Messi came in it was going to be crazy. I’ve been fighting from here so that he doesn’t come in, because if he did, they would injure him. And with the moon on fire, it was going to be worse. An injury was going to sideline him from the courts for a long time. Therefore, the best thing was that he did not play. “You have to take great care of it,” the renowned astrologer began in dialogue with Ambit.

Argentine national team


“To the Argentine National Team Very nice things come to mind like leading the Qualifiers, will finish leader. He will reach the final of the America Cupand will defeat Uruguay, who arrives looking very good to that tournament. Very nice things come to your family, because has Jupiter and Venus directand that is very good for Leo“he added.

With respect to 2026 World Cup, Giorgio Armas sees the National Team “among the four best, and has a great chance of achieving the two-time championship. “If Messi arrives, he would do so very carefully, as happened now. He will not play all the games, and they will include him in the necessary ones. “It will be a very important help for the team,” advancement.

What Argentina has to do to win the next World Cup

“If we want to win the World Cup, Argentina will have to bet on many earth and fire playersof Capricorntaurus. Scaloni It is Taurus. And if you pay attention to what happened to Boliviathe goals were Virgo, Capricorn (both land) and Aries (fire). Yeah Leo Messi) I went into water, I had a very bad time. I can’t imagine with Messi on the court, he was going to hit the players emotionally. I would like to hug Lionel Scaloni at this moment, because of the decision he made (laughs).

Likewise, and by way of closing, the astrologer predicted a great world for Alejandro Garnacho, Paulo Dybala and Nicolás González. Besides, He asked for the inclusion of Exequiel Zeballos (Boca), Claudio Jeremías Echeverri (River) and Valentín Barco (Boca).

Source: Ambito

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