Real Madrid is the club with the highest income in Europe in the 2022-2023 season

Real Madrid is the club with the highest income in Europe in the 2022-2023 season

real Madrid regained the throne of the European football business by being the club with the most turnover in 2022-2023, with € 831 million and an increase of 17% year-on-year, which helped to drop Manchester City from first place, according to the latest Deloitte Football Money League report prepared by Deloitte.

The Spanish team increased its profit thanks to “the good performance of its official merchandising, the greater attendance at the Santiago Bernabéu and the recovery of sponsorship income after the relaxation of post-pandemic restrictions,” highlights Deloitte.

The improvement of real Madrid It is in line with the general trend of the big European football clubs, whose top-20 obtained an average income of 500 million euros. Driven by the commercial business, up to four clubs managed to overcome the 800 million, when in 2021-2022 none of them exceeded 731 million.

While, Manchester City fell to second place despite entering 825.9 million derived from his great sporting campaign, in which those led by Pep Guardiola won the titles of the Champions League, the FA Cup and the English Premier League.

Paris Saint-Germain breaks onto the podium for the first time with earnings of 801.8 million; follows closely Barcelona, which climbs three positions in the ranking to be fourth, with revenues of 800.1 million,” Deloitte stressed.

“Once again, the English Premier League is high on the list, with eight teams; They are followed by the Italian Serie A (four teams), the Spanish League and the German Bundesliga (three each) and the French Ligue 1 (two teams),” Deloitte said.

By business lines, commercial income reached 4.4 billion euros and represented the largest source of profits for European teams for the first time since the 2015-2016 season, excluding the 2019-2020 season affected by Covid-19. Specifically, 17 of the top 20 clubs reported a year-on-year increase in commercial revenue, attributable to improved retail sales, revenue from non-match day events and the recovery of sponsorship revenue that had been affected. due to the pandemic.

For its part, matchday revenue amounted to 1.9 billion thanks to high fan demand for live sports, as stadiums reopened at full capacity across Europe during the 2022-2023 season.

For its part, in women’s football he also leads a Spanish club. Barcelona consolidated its reign with 13.4 million revenues in 2022-2023, according to the aforementioned report. This represents an improvement of 74% compared to 2021-2022.

This ranking analyzes the top-15, whose average income was 4.3 million, 61% more year-on-year. Deloitte highlights the notable growth of the Real Madrid women’s business, which reached the podium with 7.4 million, multiplying its income figures by five. In this sense, the commercial area was key. Manchester United remains among the two big clubs in League F for another year, with 8 million income.

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