He lost 30 kilograms to win the World Cup crown

He lost 30 kilograms to win the World Cup crown
Darts world champion Luke Humphries
Image: Photo: dpa

Humphries ended Luke Littler’s darts fairytale in London at the beginning of the year and won the dart throwing crown for the first time. The Englishman defeated the 16-year-old challenger and compatriot in a thrilling final 7:4 and, after the biggest success of his career to date, was able to look forward to prize money of 500,000 pounds (almost 600,000 euros).

A secret of success: he lost a lot of weight during the first Corona lockdown in 2020. Humphries revealed to the Bild newspaper: “At the beginning of the Corona period in 2020, I lost around 30 kilograms. In about 6 to 9 months I really lost a lot of weight. It was a conscious decision because my excess weight prevented me from taking long darts. days. That’s how I got into the shape I am today. I attribute a lot of that weight loss to the fact that I’m number 1 in the world today.”

By the way, on June 8th, Humphries will be in action at a tournament near Upper Austria’s border in the Dreiländerhalle in Passau.

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